Upasana means the different ways through which one can reach up to the state where one gets the noble joy of incomparable, everlasting total universal divine knowledge.

In Sanskrit Upasana means 'up' and 'asana'. 'Up' means near or close by. 'Asana' means to sit or a seat. The word asana suggests steadiness, firmness or stability. We are very far from the total universal divine knowledge. They are the ways by which one can to get close by seat to or wants to sit closer to or wants to reach upto that state through different ways to the God or total universal divine knowledge. Upasana tries to take you closer to the total universal divine knowledge or God. One will attain the steadiness or stability of mind through Upasana.

The different ways of upasana are,
1. Nava-Vidha Bhakti(the nine kinds of devotions)

2. Puja of an idol(worshipping of god)

3. Dhyana Dharana(meditation and contemplation)

4. Nama-smarana(recollection of sacred name / meditating)

5. Ganesh Vratas

6. Stotaras(a hymns of praises) and Mantras