Types of Mandar Ganesh

An idol of Lord Ganesh which immerges from the mandar tree or which is made up from the wood of mandar tree is called as Mandar Ganesh. If someone worships a mandar tree continuously for twenty one years by watering the tree and offering gandha(sandalwood paste), red lead(shendur) and flowers on the roots of the tree then one can see the shape of Ganesh in the roots of the tree. The first type of Mandar Ganesh is when Ganesh takes form in the root of the mandar tree . Second type of Mandar Ganesh, is when someone worships mandar tree for some period of time and then carves an idol from the wood of mandar tree.

How to get first type of mandar Ganesh ?

One can see the immerging of mandar ganesh by worshipping white mandar tree (the colour of the flowers is white some mandar trees have blueish white, whitish purple flowers) for twenty one years by offering dhoop, deep/light, naivedya (offering to God), flowers, durva and pradakshina (circumambulation). After twenty one years the shape of Lord Ganesha takes place in the root of the tree.

How to get second type of mandar Ganesh?

Worship Ganesh under the mandar tree on Angarika Chaturthi (Krishna Chaturthi which comes on Tuesday) or for continuous 21 days. Then cut a portion of the tree and make an idol from it. The beads made from Mandar tree have a very significant meaning in worhipping of Lord Ganesh. It is believed that Lord Ganesha stays in the roots of mandar tree on Magh Shuddha Saptami (rathsaptami). It is believed that if one does penance of Lord Ganesha under a mandar tree, his (or hers) wishes are bound to come true.

Puja of an idol of Mandar (Ganesh second type)

  • Wipe it with a clean washed piece of cloth(for the idol is of wood).
  • Put tikka, a round circle of wet sandalwood paste.
  • Then apply on the tikka ,a dry dry coat of ashtagandha and shendur(red lead).
  • Then offer flowers, durva and shami.
  • Offer Deep. A small metal lamp with a wick (a bud shaped cotton dipped in oil and cotton is lit). Which one can move in clockwise direction before God and placed in front of the God.
  • Offering Naivedya - dip two finger tips of right hand(the index and the middle fingers) in water and do a mandal on ground or flat surface.(mandal is a square shape figure made by water with two fingers).Take water in the fingertips and move it around the offering in clockwise direction for three times. Simultaneously close the eyes with touching left hand's thumb & index finger.
  • Offer Dhoop(pastil stick).